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Nemtsas Family

We’re Environmental

The Murray River is our water source – Australia’s longest river at 2,375kms. We care about the sustainability of our planet and nurture our earth. We limit our waste and protect our waterways.

We’re  100% Australian

At Murray River Organics, our dried vine fruit is 100% Australian, grown in the heart of Sunraysia where it thrives in the warm rich soil, irrigated by the expansive Murray-Darling Basin.


Our dried vine fruit is carefully nurtured to grow by our farmers, dried naturally on the vine, and is picked at the peak of ripeness, to provide a unique dried fruit range that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

We’re Organic


And when we label our products that way it means we are certified and therefore free from antibiotics, synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.

As a proud Australian company, Murray River Organics has its roots in the Sunraysia region, in North West Victoria, where the Nemtsas family pioneered organic dried vine fruit farming.


George Nemtsas purchased a ~70 acre block, of what was Murray bush at the time, from the Victorian Government in the early 1970s. He cleared the land and over the next 15 years converted it to an organic vineyard. This original farm is still part of Murray River Organics’ properties. When George looked to retire in 2008, his youngest son, Jamie Nemtsas, who had grown up living and breathing organic farming before choosing a career in finance, wanted to preserve the farms and their high quality organic products. This led to Jamie acquiring the property in with his business partner, Erling Sorensen. This in 2010 led to the foundation of Murray River Organics.


As at November 2016 Murray River Organics has grown to now controlling some 4,400 acres of certified organic farmland, a  certified organic processing facility in Mourquong, NSW, Australia and new organically certified packaging facility in Dandenong, Victoria. This makes us the largest fully integrated producer of dried vine fruit in Australia, and a the largest vertically integrated producer of organic dried vine fruit in the world.


Through the various degrees of vertical integration of our product lines through integrated farming, processing, packing, product innovation and marketing operations Murray River Organics now service customers globally in a broad range of certified organic, natural and better-for-you food products.

We’re Big!


The largest producer of organic dried fruit with over 4,400 acres of certified organic farmland in the Sunraysia district. We have lots of fruit so you never run out!

We’re Unique


The only fully integrated and dedicated organic producer of dried vine fruit in Australia!


We’re Quality


Our product is of an exceptionally high quality thanks to our rigorous processes and standards. We own or vouch for the supply chain so you can rely on our quality.