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Perfect school lunchbox addition. Keep handy in your purse, sports bag or the car for those times when you or the kids need an energy boosting healthy snack!

Our snack bags are resealable to lock in freshness, they also make the ideal pack for baking, to top your breakfast cereal or healthy salads. 


Organic Mix

Organic Sultana

Organic Currants

Organic Sun Muscat

Organic Mix

Our 100% Australian organic Mix is a combination of our Sun Muscat Raisins, Currants and Sultanas. Together this mix provides a unique blend of sweet flavours.


Organic Sultanas

Our 100% Australian organic Sultanas are one of the oldest grape varieties grown in Australia. Our sultanas are a Thompson seedless grape variety that has a soft texture and sweet taste.


Organic Currants

Our 100% Australian organic Carina Currant is a variety unique to Australia that grows vigorously to produce exceptionally high quality small seedless black berries that have a unique tangy sweet flavour.


Organic Sun Muscat Raisins

 Our 100% Australian organic Sun Muscat Raisins are unique to Australia and are not grown in any other part of the world. This is a seedless grape variety with medium to large berries and a slight sweet Muscat taste.